Growing a brand new business is a tough prospect. Getting new leads, marketing & promotion of your service is a big issue here. But Cold email outreach is the most effective way to deal with these issues. Most of the startups are turning to cold outreach to increase the interest in their services and products. why not start cold outreach today by following 4 simple steps.

What is a Cold email ?

When we refer to cold emails, we are talking about reaching out to strangers or prospects (potential customers) with whom you have no previous relationship or contact. The purpose of cold outreach is to turn prospects into leads by gathering every piece of information a prospect is willing to offer at first contact with your brand.

*Under the CAN-SPAM Act, you are able to send emails to business people that you do not know.

How to start cold outreach ?

Start sending cold emails by following these 4 super easy steps.

  1. Purchase Domain.
  2. Choose the right Email Service Provider.
  3. Select the right tool for cold emailing.
  4. Email Warmup.

Purchase Domain:

It’s better to purchase a domain to start cold outreach. Some people do not use any domain & start sending email from public free email services like or But sending email from a free public mail looks like spam and untrustworthy to the recipient. That’s why purchasing a domain is a must to increase brand value & trustworthiness.

You can search your domain availability from Instant Domain Search &

Visit TLD List to get the cheapest domain registrar with available coupon code.

Quick Tips from EmailCrow: If you already have a domain (main domain), for example , then you can try purchasing an alternative domain for sending cold outreach like or (keep the domain similar to main domain). It will protect your main domain from any bad incidents (blacklist, damaged reputation, etc)

Choose the right Email Service Provider:

It’s the most important step. Yes !! There are many good email service provider exist. But you have to choose which one is right for you. Every Email Service Providers are different due to their features and deliverability rate. And we will suggest you to start with either Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) or Microsoft Office 365 for sending cold outreach. Google and Microsoft both provides email deliverability rate over 90%. And their services are top notch. You can look at their pricing and features & sign up with one of them.

Quick Tips from EmailCrow: After signing up, we will advice you to setup SPF, DKIM & DMARC with DMARC Policy & verify your domain on Google Postmaster tool. If you need any help setting up everything including a complete Email Authentication, you can contact here to get support & assistance.

– Select the right tool for cold emailing:

Obviously you will not send email one by one manually from your email. It will consume huge time. To save time and get more features like auto followups or email scheduling or automation, you can choose any cold outreach tool from the following list:

Quick Tips from EmailCrow: If you are not familiar with any of these tool, no need to worry. Go to their official website and check their pricing and features. Choose according to your niche and need.

– Email Warmup:

Email Warmup is must when it comes to cold outreach. Because when you will purchase new domain, it don’t have any sending history and good reputation. A warmup tool will ensure your email land in primary inbox. An email warm up tool will help your domain to increase email reputation & better email deliverability. You can either do Self Email Warmup using a proper warmup schedule or You can use a good 3rd party tool to warmup your email & domain to raise deliverability. You can check 5 Best Email Warm Up Tools & start warming up your domain & email.

Happy Emailing !!

Cold email outreach can be a great outbound technique for business whether you are trying to connect or generate thousands of prospects or validate a potential business venture. Therefore, it must be approached with the best knowledgeable strategy.